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Never suggest the creams for any women that are breastfeeding, expecting or trying for a baby. Always tell them to consult their doctor/ seek medical advice. 

What is the difference between using Frankincense essential oil and extract?

The essential oil is only a very small part of the Frankincense resin and does not contain the main compounds which are necessary to show activity in the main claims like anti-inflammation. So it cannot have the effects which are desirable in inflammatory conditions. Essential oil also contains substances which are potential allergens which is not desirable at all. Therefore, companies can only use very small amounts with questionable efficacy. Have also seen that Neals Yard products are multi-compound products,” little bit of everything” which is not a scientific approach.

Our extract contains highly effective compounds and our products contain a comparatively high amount of extract (which also explains the price, the extract is expensive) which are responsible for anti-inflammatory and immunological effects. We have also an in vitro study and publication which show that these substances inhibit pathological processes in the development of psoriasis (this of course could only be communicated on the Alpinia HP).


Paraffin/mineral oil unfortunately has a worse reputation than it deserves. It protects the skin from external influences. Possible skin irritations due to external stimuli can be prevented and the skin barrier can regenerate. They have therefore been used for a long time, particularly in creams for medical skin care and skin diseases, and are regarded as proven.
However, they must be of pharmaceutical quality. If mineral oil is not of good quality, for example aromatic hydrocarbons, may be included as a problematic ingredient. This is potentially carcinogenic. Our cream contains only ingredients of pharmaceutical quality (according to the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia). They are therefore of high quality, officially tested and pure. You are also welcome to view the official statement of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment on mineral oils under the following link:


The smell is very typical for frankincense. We do not cover the natural smell of frankincense extract with artificial fragrances and have a relatively high proportion of frankincense in our cream. Therefore, it smells very characteristic.

What are your environmental Benefits & CSR?

• The Acacia tree fixes nitrogen in the soil, improving soil fertility and curbing desertification
• Its root system can reach water deep below the soil surface, making it available to the tree’s immediate surroundings.
• We’ve opened medical clinics, support the infrastructure in the region and support education in the communities we work in.

Animal testing

Clearly, the cream in this composition has not been tested on animals and it does not contain any animal components. That’s a statement.
The individual ingredients are tried-and-tested pharmaceutical substances and at some point have been tested for toxins in animal experiments. However, this applies in principle to any substance used in cosmetics.

Why is it suited to people who follow a gluten free diet?

People with coeliac disease tend to exclude fibre from their diet.
The lack of fibre intake can be problematic.
Some people with coeliac disease suffer from constipation along with other gastrointestinal problems. They often feel tired and have a lack of energy.
Fibre is useful as it promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria – like Bifidobacteria.
Acazen is a gluten free source of fibre that can be easily added to many gluten free foods and drinks. You can also take it on its own with no problems.
We have shown that it helps the good gut bacteria grow and we have tested it in a study in people with chronic constipation in Germany.
Our philosophy is to make something that is easy and fun to use.
So it’s not very thick or viscous and its easy to take.
If you like to bake bread, you will be pleased to know that it can improve the texture and softness of bread and we can share our recipes with you.

How to apply

Apply 2-3 times a day to affected skin areas. Since the cream is very efficient, a small amount is sufficient.

Skin types

The cream is suitable for dry skin and especially for the care of dry skin, prone to psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.