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Soothes dry and sensitive skin



● Soothes dry and sensitive skin
● Regulates the microfloral balance of the skin
● Positively influences inflammatory skin diseases

Frankincense has a regulating and soothing effect on sensitive skin. It is perfect for dry irritable, flaky, or reddened skin.

Frankincense has a highly complex composition. Of its more than 200 components, it is mainly Boswellic acid that is responsible for the anti-inflammatory properties of frankincense.

Frankincense - frankincense

Restores the Skin's Balance

Aside from being anti-inflammatory and alleviating pain, frankincense also has antibacterial and antimycotic properties. Frankincense is also a traditional medicinal plant and a tried-and-tested natural remedy for inflammatory skin diseases. Promoting the regeneration of the skin barrier, frankincense boosts its protective function, smooths coarse skin, and increases its elasticity. Today, scientists are rediscovering frankincense as a therapeutic agent for various skin diseases, using its healing potential to preserve the beauty and vitality of a healthy skin. Click here to learn more!