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Your Summer Skincare

Who’s ready for summer? We definitely are! With longer days and more sunshine around, we can’t help feeling happier and dare we say it, somewhat hopeful? 


During the summer months, the temperature change, dryness, air conditioning, humidity and the exposure to intense UV rays, will all play a part in making your skin dehydrated. Unisantis is all about hydrating and nourishing skin, particularly dry and sensitive skin types. In summer, it’s even more important to top up your moisture levels to maintain optimal levels of moisture and this is why you need to consider your summer skincare. 

Healing Essences


Clinically tested

Gluten free

No Animal Products

Sustainably Sourced

Alongside breaking out our summer wardrobe, it’s time to rethink our skincare. All good skincare needs to be able to weather seasonal changes and to look after you from top to toe. So we’ve made sure that we’ve created bundles to suit you, your skin type and the weather. Enjoy our summer skincare bundles below. 

Summer Skincare - Unisantis all natural face cream 2

Travel Buddies

Face & Body Cream Bundle

Our daily hydrating facial moisturiser and our body cream as a travel size – the ideal combo to prepare the skin as a step before you apply your sun protection.

Our Sensitive Pack

Repair & Face Cream Bundle

Our daily moisturising cream can be used to prep the skin before you apply your SPF and our repair cream is ideal after you’ve been in the sun to soothe and heal your skin. 

Summer Skincare - Unisantis all natural repair cream 2
Summer Skincare - Unisantis Frankincense Scalp Lotion Deko

Head to Toe Protection

Scalp & Repair Cream Bundle

For people that have sensitive scalps, prolonged sun exposure can make scalps even more dry. Our Scalp lotion helps to relieve those symptoms and can be used before and after you’ve been out in the sun. Our repair cream is an ideal after-sun treatment for sensitive skin, anywhere on the body.

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